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The Event:Keisha's Klient Beauty Bash

Date:Saturday, March 21, 2009

Place:Tracy Nicole Boutique

WOW! What a great event if I must say so myself. I was so amazed by the turnout and reception from all who were in attendance. There were no stones left unturned and I personally made sure that the details were as intrikate as the meticulous work dedicated to each and every klient. From the rolled out red carpet, hand picked models, trial run video submission from one of the entertainers, kontinuous kommunication with the dj to make sure the flow of music would konnect with the envisioned koncept for smooth transitioning, kolor koordination of the decor, all the way down to the personalized individual fruit dip cups, fruit kabobs, homemade cookies and brownie bites, YOU deserved to be honoured in a manner worthy of kommemoration. The planning process for this event began in February and it wasn't the easiest thing to keep from you but as the days got kloser, some of the kontributors began koming into the salon and/or kalling so it intensified the excitement which allowed a little insight on what was in store. Some of the most memorable moments were kaptured listening to the klients decide on who they were gonna bring, what they were gonna wear, and how special they felt to have an event planned on their behalf. At that moment, I knew I had chosen the perfect place, time, and purpose for hosting an unkonventional event in an extraordinary way. 


The morning of the event set the precedence for a great evening. I met the models at the salon and began prepping them for their grand debut on the katwalk. They all seemed excited and so was I! I chose four unique looks to refine each model and amplify their personalities through outward beauty. Their energy and glow from inner beauty was prevalent during my kreative process and I leaned on that to kapture konnection. Starting with natural twists on Allison, bone straight on Bianca, layered feathers on Shemega, and wave kurls on Chandra, the finished looks offered priceless rewards and moments of astonishment. Now it was time for the hostess to make a statement with a versatile look of admiration designed with representation in mind because....Image is Everything and being the example coincides with the motto of Beautiful Klue!

The moment of truth kame upon my arrival and I was elated beyond belief. Although the introduction was special, my thoughts were on ALL of you! Through communication with Alicia, event coordinator/salon assistant, I was informed of every moment step by step. Sooooo, LaRhonda and Sheena thank you for being the first to arrive on time. Smile! You all were smiling, enjoying wine, tasting food from Chef Harold, shopping, snacking on sweets and socializing while grooving to the melodies played by DJ Chevy. SO BEAUTIFUL...ALL OF YOU!!!!!

The Fashion Show...

This part of the evening offered insight on the newest spring trends offered by Tracy Nicole Boutique. All white flowing pants, sassy champagne silk dress, versatile dresses in assorted kolors(worn 6 to 8 different ways), little black dresses (every girl should own at least one), fitted jeans (a must have), accentuating accessories and of course models representing todays women. Although some of these ladies had never modeled, their experienced ambition conquered their fears and elevated their determination to strut like no other. Bianca, beautiful bone straight hair, is a member of ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA sorority incorporated and a future graduate receiving her masters degree. Her dedication to Beautiful Klue as a seasoned model for previous photoshoots and kontinued services lends a balance of klient/stylist relationship beyond measure. Her willingness to participate with precision is greatly appreciated. THANK YOU BIANCA! Allison, natural coil twists, is a member of DELTA SIGMA THETA sorority incorporated and an accomplished attorney. She is a great woman whom I konsider to be a wonderful friend. Her shy demeanor and informative dialect draws an unsaid affirmation representing strength and komfort for the woman destined to be so for me....she was an easy pick to share her beauty with others. THANK YOU ALLISON! Chandra, long wave curls, is a member of DELTA SIGMA THETA sorority incorporated from Gallman, MS. I thought it would be really nice to reach back and grab a few ladies from the hometown in which I grew up, Hazlehurst, MS, and have them be apart of a showcase representing growth and elevation as motivation to kontinue pursuing their goals so that they kould some day reach back and pay it forward. Although two ladies were chosen, this was based on availability and she was able to participate. I went to kollege with her aunt and at that time, Chandra was only 8 or 9 so it was a beautiful thing to see her in her early 20's as an Alcorn State University graduate in biology while further pursuing a Kareer with Kontinued education in dental school. Tall yet poised, she was dedikated to making every moment kount. I appreciate you Chandra and look forward to hearing your story of reaching back when you get to where you are destined to be. THANK YOU CHANDRA! Shemega, bouncing layered feathers, is a mother and student pursuing a degree in accounting/finance.

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