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Kaptured Moments give insite on those rare opportunities shared amongst klients of Beautiful Klue, friends, admirers and aspirers in the industry. They are fun, flirty, spontaneous and truly in the moment. We love featuring out & about, around the town and ah ha snapshots as an ode to beauty at any time or place. Enjoy this portion of our site and remember....paparazzi kan be anywhere!

Keisha and Tracy-Nicole Prather @ her book signing.

Tracy-Nicole Prather &

The Trammells

Wait....I have to finish polishing my nails!

Mother of Beautiful Klue Master Stylist/Owner

Ms. Cynthia Bogan

Go Girl, It's ya Birthday! Kimberly Moncure's Birthday Celebration

Rekapturing great memories while kreating new ones,

Erica Jones & Keisha

Former Co-workers and Friends, Nikk Nelson and Jason Scott of IIconsSalon, Atlanta, GA

Owner of Beautiful Klue, Keisha, and klient LaRhonda

Keisha and Beautiful Klient, Meteka

Klient Zakiya after a make-up trial run for her wedding day

Beautiful Klient and Shopping Partner Smile!, Mrs. Delores

Beautiful Klient and Friend, Natasha

Checking the beautiful outkome!

Kompletely Satisfied Klient with her new do for her change of venue!

Klient Monique stepping into her new career headed to California

Beautiful Ladies celebrating Keisha's 33rd Birthday @ Pappadeaux

l-r Brandy, Keisha, Allison, & Marie

Surprise Bday party for Keisha with Beautiful Klients and Beautiful Friends @ the "W" in their living room

The Cake table with it's pink, brown and white zebra must koordinate

The Beautiful Klue Krew and Friends smiling with the Handsome Man behind the master plan titled, "Labor Fools Day", Thanks Trav

Beautiful Photo Album

Keisha's 33rd Birthday

Keisha's Nikk and Jason. Jason is my virgo brother....we were born on the same day!

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