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Welcome to our page of kolor!

We offer unique kolor kombinations kreated just for you with amazing results. It is our goal to bring your vision to life with professional guidance and optional methods to achieve the desired look based upon realistic expektations. There are many faktors to konsider when determining whether or not you are a kandidate to receive our kolor services. These things will be discussed during the "in person" konsultation and assessment appointment made prior to the aktual service being provided for all permanent hair koloring services.

Below you will find pictures of aktual Beautiful Klue klients who have received personalized kolor kombinations...Enjoy!


This klient has natural khemical free hair. Her desired look was a trio of graduated blondes with hi-lites for additional dimensions in the krown.


After pressing the hair, it was kut into layers to emphasize the graduation from the deepest blonde to the lightest. 

Dark blonde bottom, medium blonde middle, light blonde krown with added lightest blonde hi-lites. Beautiful kombination!

The end result!

The birthday girl making a grand entrance

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