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Was cleaning up n came across this. I brought the 2 MJB Pics to u and said this is the cut I want! The Xmas pics are the end result! When I say "you did that!" it came out better than Mary's in my opinion! You are the best stylist! -Courtney

"Hi Keisha, I looked at your website. I loved it!!! Great play on the "K." Also, I especially enjoyed reading the "Beautiful Khemistry" section. You have got MAD style girl, need to show me some things!!!" -Zakiya 

"I love the website; and I'm glad you stepped out on faith to do your own thing!!!"


"Keisha, I'm really proud to see just how far you've come. Congratulations on all of your success! And may you continue to be blessed." -Darrilyn 

"I haven't met you but have heard so much about you and how your spirit overflows with positive energy. I look forward to meeting you upon my appointment and relishing in the joy you give my co-worker when she comes back to work. Not only does her hair look amazing but her confidence turns up a knotch. Keep up the good work and I am excited to be a part of your blessings." -Michelle

"Hey Keisha, just wanted to say "KOODOS" for the great work you have done. Glad to see you making your dreams come true. I love and admire you. Can't wait until graduation, hopefully I will be joining you in the Greater Atlanta area really soon. Happy Holidays." -Patrece  

"Keisha, girl you are the bomb. Really, you have been blessed with an awesome gift of creativity. I asked you to make my hair "funky" and I couldn't be happier. I've received numerous compliments and several people asked for your info. See you soon!!!"


"Girl, you are doing your thing. Never thought you wanted to be a stylist. Your are good at what you do. Loving the looks. This is your calling. Your hands are magic wands. Congratulation on all your success and many more blessings." -Detina

"Keisha, I would like to thank you for fitting me into your very busy schdule last Saturday. You are a life saver!!!!! You have a talent that many in your field dream to have. I appreciate the opportunity to become your klient. When you say "I gotcha" you really mean it!!! I look forward to my next appointment." -Anita

"Hey Keisha,

I must say that after being down and out for over a month with illness, I was so happy to have sat in your chair today. I have received kompliments at my children's school, at the BBQ joint and at the grocery store. Guys even komplimented me you know you did that!! My highlights are the b-b-b-bomb!!! You really do keep us looking great. God gave you a talent and you really do work miracles on all of "us" klients! Keep on keeping on with your bad self!

Kool, kalm and kollected"


"Keisha, you have helped to kreate a klassy and kaptivating style all my own. Beautiful Klue is definitely being represented. I enjoy the ambiance of the salon because you kreate a personable atmosphere. Keep kreating klassy, kaptivating, and posh expressions."

Beautiful Klue for life!


Hello my fellow beautiful people. I need to tell you ALL the new things that have been occuring with me since my new refreshing look!! I have a new air about myself.

After years of wearing the same ole hair style of long flowing natural locks.. I decided to schedule an appointment at beautiful klue hair studio. I put my image in the hands of Ms. Keisha! I needed something different, yet unique.

She found a LOOK that works for ME!! She gave me a cut that fits my face, personality, but most IMPORTANTLY turns heads!!

Since visiting Beautiful Klue Salon and becoming a true client, I have been able to step out of my box and meet some wonderful people of different nationalities, backgrounds and careers. Its a new day to have men chasing after me! Puts me in the mind frame of that 1992 movie called "Love Potion #9", starring Sandra Bullock. SERIOUSLY!! Think about it, Men are visual creatures, and Keisha gave me a look that they appreciate.

I have attached a few pictures to give you a beautiful klue of what im talking about, YOU BE THE JUDGE!! -Chryssi

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