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Hello and thank you for viewing my upkoming event. I would love for you to kome out and join me for a luncheon liason beyond limitations. I will be sharing my personal testimony detailing 7 principles of promise that were instrumental in promoting my purpose while koping with life's unexpekted experiences. My mission is to pour from which my heart pleads and my spirit direkts in an effort to inspire, motivate, and enkourage you to simply keep going! You don't want to miss this blessing.

Seating is limited so be sure to purchase your tickets asap! Once kapacity has been reached, ticket sales will be klosed. As a dual blessing and benefit, 7% of the proceeds from ticket sales will be distributed to The Ronald McDonald House as an ode to my oldest daughter, Amyah, through Keisha's Kids Kare Kommunity Outreach.

Ticket Kost: $50

Your kommitment inkludes a full lunch with beverage, dessert, take home treat, and downloadable ebook of the 7 Principles of Promise to Promote your Purpose that will be available July 10, 2018 with your verified email.

Click the link below to purchase

Option #1

1.The above link will redirect you to PayPal

2. If you have an akkount, log in, and please choose FRIENDS AND FAMILY

3. If you do NOT have a PayPal akkount, you KAN checkout as GUEST; however, you will have to input all of your information to komplete the transaktion.

4. A receipt of your purchase will be received and your name will be added on to the guest list. You are all set!

Option #2

~SEND your payment direktly or REQUEST a personal invoice via the CASH APP

1. $KeishaBoganTrammell for direkt payments or Send a text message to 678.508.9841 with the number of tickets you would like to purchase and the $Cashapp name to send the invoice unless the number in which you will be sending the message is konnekted.

Hopefully, the aforementioned options provide enough variety within the choices that allows you the konvenience of choice.

I sincerely thank you in advance for your purchase and/or sowing of a seed which will return ten fold as promised. Prepare to be amazed as the shift of your thoughts will be forever changed. See you soon!

Much Love,


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