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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept walk in appointments? Yes on an availability bases. Our first priority is to scheduled klients. In the case of a cancellation or no call no show situation, the wait time for service is minimal.

If I shampoo and konditioner my hair myself, kan you just kurl it?As professional stylists, we will not kompromise the integrity of our kraft to minimize the kost and guarantee satisfactory results based upon our system of product knowledge and usage. This would be a disservice to you the konsumer. We kan only be responsible for what we are certain about vs. acknowleding your efforts to assist in the process by using unknown products and or methods for prepping the hair. So the answer is NO.

Do you accept checks?Unfortunately no. We do accept visa, mastercard, discover and cash.

Do you service children?Yes we do. We service children age 12 and above preferrably but we do service children 12 and under on slower days or as the first scheduled appointment of the day. We ask this due to the uncertainty of their reaction to the process in which is necessary to achieve a desired look. This experience kan be overwhelming to a first timer, as well as, the stylist and or other klients waiting for service.

Do you offer hair extension services?We do offer hair extension services but on a limited basis. Our services are centered around the promotion of healthy hair, growth, and managability; however, the addition of temporary extensions for special okkasions kan be arranged with prior notice and konsultation.

Do you offer any special incentives if I am a weekly klient? Beautiful Klue prides itself in offering excellent kustomer service and astonishing results. Our goal is to make sure we can exceed your expectations while offering education at the same time. Having said that, we appreciate your patronage and are elated that you have chosen us to service your needs but we do not offer an incentive for weekly visits. However, we do extend specials and other incentives for referrals, birthday club and surprise deductions at the time of check out.

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