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Often times we may kross the lives of others without the realization of how we have or kan make a konnection through simple interaction based upon verbal or non-verbal kommunication. This art komes in several different forms; however, the most effective to date is listening. When you are faced with adversities, trials, triumphs, tests, questions, and or dilemas, the expressive nature of being is to release these situations from your heart by speaking from your mind. So does this apply to you? Well, each of us were granted a gift intended to share; therefore, it is our responsibility to give ourselves the gratification of extension because you are me and I am we.

A Girls Night to Play....Dinner and a Live Play

Tyler Perry's Play

"Madea's Big Happy Family"

DeShonia, Sytira, Me, and Makeba

Grand Opening for former co-worker and friend, Jason Scott's, boutique

La Bella Vie

Phedra, Sessley, Kiara, myself, Jason, Makeba and Shekera

Mrs. Fallon Boyd, (the bride), a former ko-worker and friend is a stylist extraordinaire whom I met back in January 2007. Although I never knew how spontaneous she was, our friendship blossomed into one of great extension. Her willingness to assist and be there in celebration supports my theory derived around friendship and kommittment. Having said that, I kan truly say that she is an example worthy of kommendment. As her chosen stylist, I was honored to kompliment her radiant "bride-to-be" glow. On behalf of BK, I appreciate to opportunity for this beautiful konnektion. (Oktober 2009, Beautiful Konnection)

In my experiences, I appreciate all the konnektions and enkourage ALL to leave an impression worthy of rekognition but not initiated for that purpose so that your mark will be remembered. I'm engraving my "K" about you?

Kongratultions to the graduate, beautiful klient and family friend, DeShonia Agan, on earning her Bachelor's Degree from Devry University. Beautiful Klue appreciates your dedikation and determination. Job well done!

Jackson State University Alumni Prancing J-Settes

Homecoming 2009

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