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As a konvenience to optimize accessibility, Beautiful Klue Hair Studio offers the option of scheduling your appointment online. This flexibility is sure to provide distinguished service unparalleled to limited konventional methods. It is our desire to inkorporate koncepts that will be beneficial as a result of our efforts, therefore; we ask that you take a moment to read the pertinent information below prior to scheduling your appointment.

To preserve the integrity of our business while allowing room for growth, we require a 24 hr notice for kancellations with the acceptance of a 3hr minimum. Having said that, you will not have the option of kancelling online 2hrs prior to your scheduled appointment; therefore, we reserve the right to assess fees associated with this inkonvenience to our business and staff. Although we do understand emergencies, as well as, extenuating cirumstances beyond your kontrol, time is of the essence and planning is the key. We appreciate your loyalty and kommittment to Beautiful Klue with the extension of this kourtesy.

Below you will find the link associated with scheduling your appointment, as well as, the steps to konfirm your service, day, date and time based upon availability.


1. Choose your service (s). There is a 3 (three) service limit for time management purposes; however, we will gladly provide additional services necessary for the best results.

2. Klick finished

3. If you are a new klient, please komplete the form by filling in all the required fields. If you have scheduled an appointment before, klick on returning klient and enter either your name, email address, or phone number then klick finished. Review your kontact information to assure that we have the most kurrent profile and then klick confirm appointment. If entered korrectly by following the steps, you should receive a text mail konfirmation of your appointment, as well as, an email konfirmation with an associated file number. In the event you need to kancel, this number will need to be entered for removal on the schedule.

4. Please be mindful that our services are provided based on your scheduling; therefore, we appreciate the kourtesy of notifikation 3hrs prior to your appointment on all kancellations for staffing purposes. Although we are aware that some instances may not allow for such time allowance, we do reserve the right to apply an associated fee for NO CALL NO SHOW, as well as, kontinuous scheduling/canceling situations. As a kourtesy, please remember, YOU are in total kontrol of scheduling your appointment; therefore, this konvenience should provide little room for error on our behalf.

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