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Nat·u·ral (nchr-l, nchrl) adj. Present in or produced by nature; Konforming to the usual ordinary kourse of nature; Having a partikular kharacter by nature; Kharacterized by spontaneity and freedom from artificiality, affektation, or inhibitions; Not altered, treated, or disguised; An Afro hairstyle kinky or kurly; tightly koiled.

Beautiful Klue Hair Studio promotes healthy hair in whatever state you choose; however, freedom from khemicals with proper maintenance will allow your natural texture to blossom. The upkeep, if pressed, may limit your abilities depending on your lifestyle but the chances of change due to process are few.

If you are konsidering transitioning from relaxed her to natural, the key is patience. You must allow your hair the opportunity to realize your decision. As a deterent, it will begin to shed, possibly bekome dry and brittle or not hold a style due to the two types of hair texture. You have the new growth, which is the unrelaxed hair from the root that bekomes wavy or puffy indikating time for your next khemical process due to dependency then there's the previously relaxed hair a few inches on down. Some people choose to expedite the process by kutting most of the relaxed hair off but unless you are seeking a kropped do as a fresh start, it is not necessary. Hydrating the follicles and prekonditioning will provide protektion while nurturing its natural essence. Remember that PATIENCE is the key to bekoming a Khemical Free Beauty!

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