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Keisha's Klient Beauty Bash 3.21.09

The Beautiful Set Up

Wine Station

Sweet Bar

Kreative Katering

Keisha's Klient Beauty Bash 3.21.09

On the Red Karpet

Keisha's Klient Beauty Bash 3.21.09

Let the Beauty Begin by Mingling

Beautiful Brigade: Fashion Showkase

Entrikate Entertainment

Soulful Sounds + Poetic Portions = A Groove

SInger Joshua Hubert

The song of the evening..."You Are So Beautiful"

Inspirational Speaker/Poet

Reciting two original pieces..."The Countdown" and her interpretation of finding "LOVE"


ML WIll of Jackson, MS singing one of his orignal pieces "Ready for Love" and giving us a sample of his newest work.

DJ Chevy and Kompany

Keeping the krowd grooving

Kaptured Konnections

Kascading thru the krowd

The Konklusion

Klient Maria and Stylist Keisha

Beautiful Klue

Stylist Assistant/Event Koordinator Alicia and Master Stylist Keisha

The Krew

Stylist Angela, Stylist/Masseuse Kerry, Stylist Keisha and Stylist Marcel

Beautiful Support

Beyond Stylists...Beautiful Friends

Tracy Nicole and her sister, Torrie

Tracy Nicole Boutique

Handsome/ Beautiful Klue Supporters

Travis and Torrie

NFL Players Kenny and David Irons along with teammate

The Cake!

Thank You to ALL of YOU!!! Stay Beautiful

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